Denver Door Services

Angelo & Sons offers various door services to the entire Denver metro including both residential and commercial door services.

Residential Door Services

Our most common residential door service is our repair and replacement of residential entry doors. Our goal before replacement of any door is to attempt a repair. Only when we find that a repair is impossible due to severe structural damage or another critical issue do we move to replace a door. In addition, we provide and install door hardware for aesthetic and security upgrades, such as security keypads or switching out doorknobs.
Contact Angelo & Sons for all your residential and commercial door services needs! Need an emergency door service? We can help! Call our 24 hour door service hotline at 303-589-1039 to learn more.

Commercial Door Services

The main commercial door service we offer is repair and replacement of storefront doors throughout the entire Denver metro. Have a problem with a commercial door not staying shut? Most likely, it’s a simple repair involving replacing the hardware. The experienced door service repair technicians at Angelo & Sons offer free consultations prior to completing door services such as these. We also work on sliding doors, revolving doors and automatic doors.

An Example of a Common Door Problem

There are several common door problems that we can typically address with a repair. One is a door dragging or hitting the door frame. This can be corrected by the door being rehung or by the door being shaved down. Clients are often surprised to learn that door shaving is available on all door materials including aluminum or steel. It’s important for clients to understand that this issue doesn’t necessarily mean that there was a problem with a previous installation or that a part has failed. Sometimes this is caused by dramatic weather changes, poor soil quality, or issues with the foundation of the building the door is built into.