Denver Aluminum Windows

Disadvantages to Aluminum Windows

Compared to wood or vinyl windows, aluminum is the least effective at heat/cold retention. Some aluminum window styles we offer can be considered thermally improved. These styles of aluminum windows separate the interior and exterior surfaces with polyurethane or other thermal lining. If heat and cold retention is a priority for your aluminum window installation, let your Angelo & Sons installer know and we’ll advise you on the best aluminum windows for your needs.

Advantages to Aluminum Windows

There are many advantages to aluminum windows and they’re an ideal selection under certain circumstances. Visually, the slim profile associated with aluminum windows look sleek and modern. They are a favorite choice for architects as they emphasize the clean lines central to modern design. Fortunately, Denver’s dry climate is a perfect match for aluminum windows, whose biggest foe is the salty air that can corrode the aluminum, impacting the finish and effectiveness of the hardware.