Door Services in Highlands Ranch, CO: Door Replacement, Repair & Installation Services

As a door contractor in the business for over 40 years, Angelo & Sons Doors and More are well versed in the many types of doors and door services that will keep your and your Highlands Ranch home or business safe. Not only are doors great for safety, but they’re also designed for increased convenience and adding personality to a space. From patio doors to garage doors to decorative barn doors in your Highlands Ranch residence, doors are a lot more than just a means of entry and exit.

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Exterior and Entry Doors

When it comes to exterior and entry doors, we provide door installation, repair, and replacement services for:

Convenient Patio Doors

Patio doors give an added measure of convenience to your Highlands Ranch home for when you don’t want to repeatedly get up to let your pet out when it’s scratching and asking for attention. Though easily controlled by pets, patio doors are secure and allow your home to remain safe because of the enhanced safety features that we’ve mastered. For patio door installation, repair, and replacement, Angelo & Sons is the door contractor you can trust.

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Commercial Storefront Doors with Personality

The door of your Highlands Ranch business sets the tone for what your business is about. Your door is a sign of welcoming and dictates the mood of how your customers feel. With several options, you are sure to find something that resonates with the feel of your store and attracting your main audience. Angelo & Sons is happy to help as you need installation, replacement, or other door repair services.

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Elegant Barn Doors at Affordable Prices

Barn doors aren’t just for the barn anymore — and haven’t been so for quite some time. If you want to make a statement in your Highlands Ranch home, barn style doors are the way to do that. We can make them sliding, for closets, purely decorative, or serve practical purposes. Barn doors in your home are a great way to showcase your personality, and after selecting a style with us, Angelo & Sons can provide installation, repair, and even door replacement services.

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High Quality Manual Garage Doors

Manual garage doors from Angelo & Sons are high quality and come with a warranty. Though we don’t handle automatic garage doors, we are trained to install, replace, and repair garage doors. If your Highlands Ranch home or business needs new or repaired manual garage doors, we are eager to assist.

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The team at Angelo & Sons Doors and More is standing by to help with all the door and window services you need in Highlands Ranch, CO. Our family owned and operated business has been— bringing customers unparalleled repair, replacement, and installation services for decades. From glass shower, exterior, patio, commercial, barn, and manual garage doors to windows and glass walls in Highlands Ranch, CO, Angelo & Sons is ready to take your call!

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